Large-screen Central Multimedia Navigation is future trend

There is no doubt that large-screen navigation system is leading the current trend. Currently for the traditional horizontal screen, the size is from 7 to 9 inch, and will be upgraded to be around 10 inch.  During the developing process of our new vertical screen devices, beautiful appearance, installation and other factors have been fully considered and verified already.
To avoid defects caused by no navigation or limited navigation originally, our 12.1 inch large-screen navigation system not only expands the screen, with original car system kept, but also adds many excellent functions, further improving high-end driving experiences on operation, service, security and entertainment, etc.

Q: How does large-screen navigation system ensure its stability?

A: Hardware, including the screen material, processor, image processing IC,  will be our priority to consider in our development. Then software, large-screen system has to process more data, compared to smaller-screen devices,  so we built a set of high standards on the software logic to ensure software stability.

Q: how quick does the large-screen navigation system search satellite signal?

A: Normally, our products could receive signals from as many as six satellites, and receiving quality could be assured, quickly and accurately.

Q: Is the running of the large-screen navigation system smooth?

A: Before mass production, we will install samples into corresponding cars and fully check until users approve, including installation checking, multimedia performance checking and touch screen sensitivity checking, etc.

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We promise all products will be at least 8 hours aging tested and 100% QC passed.

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